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Can you hold a trucker accountable for a stray tire?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you’ve ever been traveling on the highway and noticed a truck driver’s tire blow out or come loose, you know how dangerous that debris can be on the roads. You and other drivers might have to take evasive action, maneuvering oddly in the roadway to try to avoid a collision.

Unfortunately, debris from tire delamination can cause serious accidents. In the case that you’re impacted by a stray tire or parts that have come off a truck, you should know that the driver or their employer may be liable for any injuries that you suffered.

Seeking compensation for truck tire debris

It can be difficult to seek compensation for truck tire debris that has caused your injuries unless you know which truck it came from. For example, if the truck in front of you swerves as it blows a tire and ends up pulling over, you’ll be able to get the license plate number and other information after you’re able to come to a stop. If the debris caused a serious accident, the truck driver, if they notice, should stay at the scene. If not, witnesses or others involved in the crash should report what they remember, and it may be possible to identify the driver and truck at a later time.

Can you pursue a claim against the employer?

In the case that the specific truck can’t be identified, you might still be able to identify the employer. If you can, then it may be easier to see which driver would have been on the route at the time of the accident and to hold them accountable. The employer, through vicarious liability laws, may be held liable for any accidents or injuries caused by the employee.

Others who might be able to be held accountable include mechanics who replaced a tire incorrectly or the manufacturer of a faulty part.

If you’re hurt, remember that you can take action and look into making a legal claim. You may be able to pursue a claim against a driver for leaving dangerous debris in the roadway or having faulty parts on their vehicle.